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FAQ: what size bouquet should I order?

Wednesday, 09 January 2013

Today has been a super busy day in the office, mostly spent speaking to and corresponding with a bunch of my lovely brides and answering as many of their questions as possible. So I thought if might start posting some regular floral FAQs and clear up any mystery surrounding them.

Question of the day: what size bouquet will my money buy?

You may notice that on this site, and that of many other florists, that the pricing of my bouquets are given as three options: small, medium or large. Of course, in my mind I know what this size guideline would look like in bouquet form, but it may leave you puzzled. I’ve included the image below to help show roughly each size bouquet to scale.

When considering what size bunch of blooms to order, it’s important to not just pick what your budget will allow, but to also consider these things:
* Dress size: petite brides and bridesmaids may look dwarfed behind a “large” sized bouquet. So if your maids are size 8 or less (God bless them!), then a “small” may fit the bill. The same gowns for curvy ladies… a fuller bouquet will have you looking dainty and feminine.
* Gown style & shape: consider your gown’s silhouette. If you are wearing a sleek, figure-hugging evening gown on your big day, a similarly neat, medium-sized bouquet will probably look best. On the other hand, if a sweep, full-skirted frock is your thing, then an equally extravagant, large, trailing bouquet would couple with it perfectly.

bouquets to scale

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