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Seasonal snippet: peonies

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Full, fluffy and emanating breathtaking beauty, peonies add an incredible elegance to a bouquet or arrangement. They are in high-demand when it comes to weddings, but get them while they’re hot – these pretties are only available for a small window of time each year. They’re around for five weeks in November and very early December. Some flower sellers import peony varieties from Europe during the Australian winter, but in my opinion they’re not the best due to their exorbitant prices and the fact they aren’t the freshest and they don’t last that long. So now is the best time to enjoy them in Australia…

Quick facts…
Colours: white, pink, coral (pictured) and maroon.
In season: November.
Perfect for: classic-themed weddings.
Budget scale: $$$.
Colour match:
work best with a pink-toned colour schemes.
Flower match: these blooms are most impressive on their own in large quantities, however they do also look lovely blended in a bouquet with fully-open garden roses, dahlias and spray roses.

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