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Flower pots with a twist

Sunday, 29 April 2012

They look like your everyday garden pots, right? But take a closer look… Nope, that’s not dirt you see, it’s chocolate ‘soil’! Inspired by the incredible British chef and culinary inventor Heston Blumenthal, I had a fun little foray into the world of deceptive desserts this weekend. After seeing him make a version of this pudding on TV, I took a trip to Bunnings to acquire some cute little terracotta pots and I put together these delicious tiramisu pots. Underneath the layer of soil (made with crystalised dark chocolate, toasted white chocolate, cocoa and macadamia oil) there are layers of creamy mascarpone and coffee- and marsala-drenched sponge fingers, finished off with discs of dark chocolate. It was quite a treat and went down well with a pile of luscious raspberries. I used Heston’s chocolate soil recipe with a couple of adjustments, then made up my own version of tiramisu inside. If you’re interested in following his full recipe, you can check it out here.

Chocolate tiramisu pot
Just take a spoon …
…dig in. Now you see it…
…now you don’t!
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