Blooms by Bethan


Melina & James

Friday, 25 August 2017

James+Melina349 This wedding is close to my heart. I first met Melina months before her wedding, but then got to know her much better as she began working for me here and there as a floral assistant. She is truly the most lovely person and such fun to be around, so I really looked forward to her big day and wanted it to be all her dreams come true (even more than I usually do for each of my beautiful brides!).

But despite the couple and the gorgeous wedding venue being so lovely, the weather was not. The temperature was an icy 4C and sleet-like drizzly rained down. With my handy hubby assistant by my side, we had to abandon the sunny outdoor ceremony idea and think on our toes to create a beautiful indoor floral garland backdrop in the reception barn. Warm festoon lighting intertwined with the florals and it really all came together beautifully.

It was such a privilege to watch my new friend walk down the aisle and say “I do” and be a part of her life story.

When: September 2016
Where: Waldara Farm, Oberon
Photographer: Tim Williams Photography
Flowers: to bring in subtle tones of blue and lavender I worked with ranunculus, delphiniums, anemones, sea holly, eucalyptus, peppercorn, Queen Anne’s lace and hellebores.
What Melina said: “Thank you for everything you did for us on our wedding day… you both went above and beyond for us and words cannot express how grateful we are.”

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