Blooms by Bethan


Samatha & Richard

Monday, 09 November 2015

SamandRichHRby35mm_I6A446135mm This gorgeous autumnal wedding I worked on earlier this year has just been featured in the November 2015 issue of Bride to Be magazine. Beautiful bride Samantha told me when we met to plan her wedding flowers that she and her groom Richard had almost eloped, but instead opted for an intimate country affair with their nearest and dearest. It obviously turned out to be a joyous and memorable celebration! How stunning and in love do they look?!

When: May, 2015
Where: Spring Grove Dairy, Kangaroo Valley, NSW
Photography: Lost in Love
Gown: Leah da Gloria
Hair: The Bridal Hair Co
Make-up: The Bridal Makeup Co
Teepee: Katalane Events
SamandRichHRby35mm_O6A556835mm SamandRichHRby35mm_I6A353735mm SamandRichHRby35mm_I6A371435mm SamandRichHRby35mm_I6A358935mm SamandRichHRby35mm_I6A398235mm SamandRichHRby35mm_I6A359735mm

Behind the scenes

This was one of my first weddings back after self-imposed maternity leave, so we brought our little ginger ninja along for the ride!



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